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Moving on.
Ah, the time has come, the countdown begun. NCR hired me; I gave notice to Wincor last week. There are a small amount of mixed feelings about it, mostly just because I am about to reach my 5-year anniversary (which is both highly disturbing and interesting), and because I think my boss is about to get fired. While it would be interesting to see life after Hector at Wincor, I know a lot of the problem stems from higher up the chain of command. I spoke to an individual yesterday who has been part of the management process in the past, and was told that the area VP has stated in the past that techs don't need raises or compensation, that we are a dime-a-dozen, and that anyone could do our job. That is like a punch to the gut, and shows the disconnect between this dipshit VP and reality. I would counter that with asking why we need managers such as the West Area VP? They don't produce any 'product', they just oversee the 'product'. Chase, Wells, Compass... they pay us for two things: the initial purchase of the ATM, and the ongoing maintenance of said ATM. A VP does nothing for either of these. He plays golf with account reps, and might convince them to purchase our product in the first place, but our strength at Wincor in the past has been having a superior product that sells itself. That may not be the case currently (NCR has better machines in the field, we have better machines about to release) but it lends itself to "why in the hell do we need such a massively bloated management team"?

So, Wincor, with that I bit you adieu. My last day is supposed to be next Friday, I might drop my car off early though. We'll see.


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