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A sad day... Guy shoots up a Colorado theatre at a midnight showing, killing 12-15 people and injuring 38-50+. Then, on the drive to work, we find out that a family friend's 1-year-old baby boy fell from a 3-story window in a Reno hotel and is unlikely to live. I haven't seen this person for a while (she was in a psych class with me last year though), but it made me very sad. I keep picturing this as my son, and it makes me very, very sad indeed.

NCR finished the background check yesterday, so I am hoping I get the offer today. I find any willingness to do real work at this job being systematically sapped out of me, and I feel completely drained. NCR is going to offer really extensive working hours and a similarly life-crushing experience, but at least my bank account will be full. I can't work for this current manager any longer, I have to fight the urge to quit every time I talk to him, but I don't want to jump the gun before I have it in writing. I think that even if they made me an impressive counter-offer (which they won't), I would have to turn it down anyway, he is not a person that should be managing people. Everyone hates their boss (okay, not everyone, and not every boss) but this is a completely different situation in which the guy really should not be in this position. He is excellent at telling his higher-ups exactly what they want to hear, and exceedingly terrible at giving any of us a reason to stay in this job. 5 years I've been here, and 4 of those were under his reign. I surprise myself daily that I still keep going to this job every day; it feels like submitting myself for a psychological test in extended abuse.

Please call me today, NCR.

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