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Crossposting from my facebook feed, this was an interesting situation...

A very strange thing just happened. I am working on an ATM, cleaning it and such. I have orange cones up blocking off the driveway. A guy pulls around and backs up in front of my car, gets out, and asks me if I am hiring. I tell him he can go to our website, and he grabs a pad of paper and a pen from his vehicle. On the way back, he stops and stares at the car next to the ATM I am working on for maybe 2 minutes, a blank look on his face. Then, he walks up to me, writes down my company name, and facepalms when I tell him to go to our website. I'll paraphrase what followed:

"I don't have the internet, why does everyone tell me to go to websites, nobody uses a phone anymore, I just want a phone number. The same thing happened last night; I was out smoking a cigarette at this gas station and this girl joins me, and she is crying her eyes out. I tell her I want to be her friend, and she starts telling me her problems. After a while she tells me that she is tired of talking about herself, why don't I tell her my problems. So I tell her about Quantum Physics. Do you need a degree for this job? I went to school for Quantum Physics. I start telling her about Quantum Physics, and I tell her the problem is that I can't talk to her in mathematical equations. I start writing out electrons and fields and shapes and stuff, and she can't figure out what I am talking about. Nobody can talk to me in mathematical formulas, can you?"

I tell him I am in school for Physics, and he turns around, walks to his car, and drives away.

What just happened?
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